Website Design.

It’s been over 15 years’ since I first created my first commercial business website. From day one I followed an ethical approach to SEO and maintained great client relations. My business survived for over 12 years’ through recommendations and my ability to develop solutions. Today I can  develop your project from design concept through to go live, I also know what it will takes to generate business from your website. If you think I can help please get in touch.


Call to actions, target audience, colours & imagery, branding considerations


Mobile first design ideas and tested on all platforms: mobile, tablet & desktops


I create the theme using WordPress. Giving you full control over your content


I’ll help you to promote your website on Social Media & Search Engines

Whitby Website Design

Website Development Whitby

Sherlocks Escape Rooms, Whitby

Website designed and optimised for Sherlocks in Whitby, North Yorkshire. Helped to drive ticket sales using by setting up Google Business as well as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

  • Ticket sales with times slots
  • Optimised to drive ticket sales
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integrated with Stripe Payments

Website Development

NHS Plymouth

Second website for the NHS in Plymouth completed in 2020.

  • Document Management
  • Members Area
  • WordPress Theme Design
WordPress Theme NHS
Dogs Home WordPress Theme

Website Development

Gables Farm

My latest project working with Four Degrees West, involved creating a new administration area and redesigning the WordPress Website

  • Custom Plugins for Cat & Dog Listings
  • Custom Dog/Cat of the Month Plugin
  • Custom Events Plugin
  • Redesigned the Website
  • Introduced online  adoption Applications


Today I build, design and develop using WordPress, it’s important that you can maintain your website and equally important that your website is built using the most popular website platform available today.

WordPress & WooCommerce (online shop)

There has never been a better time to start selling online. With the simple addition  of WooCommerce to your WordPress website you would be able to add your own products, maintain your inventory, customers, orders, everything you need to start selling online.


I’ve been a freelancer for over 15 years, success has been built on assisting my customers from the start and being there as they grow. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses create their brand, develop their website and helped them promote it to generate sales.

I work closely with my brother Paul at Four Degrees West to ensure we have the right level of support when I customers need us, working together we provide a better customer support network.

DIVI Template – Sauce Company – Case Study

DIVI Template - Sauce Company.The old Website We were approached to redesign the website for a company called MustChup, a sauce that combines mustard and ketchup. There are four varieties many with the addition of more chillies. The sauce is delicious by the way!...

How we built Gables Dogs & Cats Home

Gables Development. Cats & Dogs home charity WordPress website The Problems The old site contained a lot of plugins 21 to be exact. Maintaining 21 plugins is a difficult tasks. A lot of plugins aren't continually supported. There were plugins being used that...

DIVI Blog Module – Show ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)

DIVI Blog Module & ACF Together. in Perfect(ish) Harmony with CPT So a good friend of mine asked if I'd do a quick website for his car collection. Rather than write a plugin to handle his car collection, I thought I'd use Custom Post Types (CPT) together with...

iMAP Outlook Username Issue

What to do when your username is not your email address in Microsoft Outlook My username on iMAP email accounts isn't my email address, but for some very annoying reason Microsoft Outlook 2016 & Outlook 365 insists it should be! If you're having the same issue...