Freelance Video Editing.

Freelance video editor based in Whitby, North Yorkshire. I spent the early parts of the digital media career working with a small independent TV production company, working with a team of video editors producing broadcast material for the major TV networks.

Today most of us have powerful mobile technology where ever we go, mobile phones that can take high resolution photos and videos, but it seems we’re still not embracing the technology to its full potential.

As a freelance video editor I’m able to take that content and turn it into a video production that could help increase bookings or help sell more products for example.

Video editing normally takes around an hour, then I’ll host it allowing you to stream it on to your website for example. Music can also be included if required. The average cost of the package is £90.00. All you need to do it shoot the footage on your phone and send it over.

Video editing for Hotels & Guest Houses

Example of a short, attention grabbing video production

If you own a hotel or guest house video can provide another free marketing tool, I recently saw a very simple YouTube video showing self-catering lake side accommodation in Scotland that had over one million hits in three years. This approach to video marketing cost them literally nothing.

Video marketing doesn’t just mean YouTube, there is also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where a professionally edited video can promote your hotel, guest house or self-catering property.

My video editing service starts from £149.00.

Video editing for Products / Services

Product videos or videos to promote your services can be a very cost effective way to market your business. Video marketing is simply responding to the ever increasing need of potential customers to watch video content.

Short punchy video editing can get your message across for free on platforms such as Facebook, Linked-in, twitter or Instagram. Once content is digitised it can remain in the public domain for as long as you want, continually being watched and shared.

Video hosting can be provided using Vimeo, it’s a great alternative to YouTube as there are more customisable options available, perfect for business.

Example of a video advert created for Childcare booking System

Rusty Shears – Luxury Gite in France

Rusty Shears is a self catering gite in the South West of France. The 1830’s traditional stone farmhouse & barn is situated on the top of the plateau above the Lot Valley, in the heart of the Cahors vineyards.

Various footage was taken and compiled into this short piece that the owners use to help with their marketing. The video is streamed from Vimeo so it doesn’t interfere with their own website bandwidth. Vimeo is design specifically for video streaming, so the best experience is delivered to the end user every time.


Self Catering Gite in France

Rusty Shears Website

For this holiday cottage website design I created also featured video headers. I still think in the 21st century that video is vastly underutilised. The video was created using a Samsung Ultra 23 smartphone. Each clip is uploaded to and streamed from my Vimeo account, this ensures the best quality is delivered each time and no website bandwidth is used.

Live Link


Example of a simple training video with voice over

Video is a very powerful training tool, screen recording can be used to create an online manual. The simple example you see was created to explain how the owner could make simple changes to her stock levels. I have to admit I don’t have the right voice for voice overs but that doesn’t matter as I use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create voice overs for videos. There are a range of voices both males and female to choose from.

If you would like to know more about how I can help create a video for your business or training with voice over please get in touch.

Hotel or Guest House Video & Editing Service Whitby

Shooting (HD format), editing and hosting a video presentation for your hotel or guest house can be achieved for just £150.00. The service includes up to 2 hours on site at your Whitby guest house (B&B) or hotel.

The footage is then edited, music can be added (may incur additional costs), digitised and hosted. I can also help embed the video into your website.

Once you have your video you can publish it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. all will help you generate business.

If you own a guest house, hotel or B&B in Whitby and would like to know more about producing a video for just £149.00 please use the contact form below.

How to deliver your video

Once you have created your masterpiece you’ll want to deliver it to the world! One thing you should never do is upload it to your website. Videos take up a lot of bandwidth, so if you had a lot of people viewing your video it could potentially crash your website.

There are currently two main providers that could host and deliver your video, YouTube and Vimeo. You can embed your video into your website using either YouTube or Vimeo, both offer a free service and will generally deliver a very high quality streaming service to your website without touching your website bandwidth.

There are some annoying features though, YouTube for example has removed the functionality to NOT show other videos at the end of your video. So you can end up displaying some odd random stuff! It doesn’t look very professional.

Video Hosting Included

All videos I created are hosted on my professional Vimeo account. This enables me to fully control how videos are delivered and what happens at the end for example.