What to do when your username is not your email address in Microsoft Outlook

My username on iMAP email accounts isn’t my email address, but for some very annoying reason Microsoft Outlook 2016 & Outlook 365 insists it should be!

If you’re having the same issue follow these (hopefully) simple steps to help you manually setup your iMAP account with your own username.

Step 1 – find Control Panel.

Where it says ‘Type here to search’ type control panel.

Outlook iMap username issue

Step 2 – Control Panel App

Click the Control Panel App to open it up.

Outlook iMAP username issue

Step 3 – find Outlook Mail

In the top right hand corner search Control Panel for mail, and click Mail.

Outlook Issue iMap email username

Step 4 – Mail Setup – Outlook

Click Email Accounts on the Mail Setup box.

Outlook iMAP Issue

Step 5 – Email Accounts

Click New… and you will then see Auto Account Setup. If you know all your iMap account settings, use Manual setup.

Outlook iMAP Issue
manual setup of username Outlook 2016 / 365