Hospitality WEBSITE Revamp.


Whitby Log Cabins provide wonderful scheduled accommodation just a short walk from Whitby Town Centre, you could drive by why would you. I’ve done the walk many times, it takes you along beside the railway line, next to the river, oh and before I forget there is a pub before you start! You pop out near the co-op right in the middle of town.

I was delighted to be asked to revamp their website, after visiting them it’s clear the website wasn’t helping their business as much as it could.


If there is one thing I love doing it’s a total revamp of a website, designing a website for a company here in Whitby too means I get to help a local business, but you also have to persuade the owners that the logo needs to go to. The branding is so important and is so prominent on a website, it all needs to tie together. 

Old Logo


They definitely needed their own unique logo, rather than a generic clip art image. I wanted to maintain the woodland element and they wanted to keep the round shape. The leaf idea formed part of the background for the web pages.

The website needed to show of the wonderful collection of images, the current website made them blurry. I maintained the text and URL’s (website addresses of the different pages). There was also a much better calendar widget which I integrated for their online bookings.

Customer loved the result, managed to complete the project in under a week.


Log Cabins Logo Design

New Logo