DIVI Template – Sauce Company.

The old Website

We were approached to redesign the website for a company called MustChup, a sauce that combines mustard and ketchup. There are four varieties many with the addition of more chillies. The sauce is delicious by the way! Being a chilli lover I am a huge fan, the combination is perfect.

I digress, personally I thought the original website was lacking colour and excitement! To ‘blonk’ a bottle on a website doesn’t really help sell the product, and whilst it’s good to encourage people to share on social media there is a limit to how many buttons you need for this.

So it was clear from the original website that we needed some colour and excitement, a video explosion maybe and a burst of colour utilising the brand colours. 

The old website

Bringing sauce to life!

The first I looked at was the ingredients and created visual elements to combine with the flaming hot experience from the chilli peppers.

We now have a far more exciting, visually appealing bottle of sauce, that hopefully says it’s SPICY! Who doesn’t love chilli spice!

Now we have an idea of how we’re going to visually display the products we wanted to still have a bit of excitment when the visitor first hits the website. The home page need the explosion of flavour (like when you taste the sauce!).

We used our comprehensive video library on Vimeo to find the perfect video intro! 


Bringing it all together

We choose to create a DIVI theme template on WordPress together with WooCommerce as the shopping cart solution. The current website was already WooCommerce so this meant we could keep all historic data, such as orders and product information.

As you can see, the website is now bursting with colour and the products look far more exciting!