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Cats & Dogs home charity WordPress website

The Problems

The old site contained a lot of plugins 21 to be exact. Maintaining 21 plugins is a difficult tasks. A lot of plugins aren’t continually supported. There were plugins being used that weren’t suitable to the job. The results was the UX (user experience) was terrible but this was being driven by the UI (user interface) in the admin Dashboard of WordPress.

The Solution

Custom Plugins: Catalogue & Dogalogue, Gables Events & Dog/Cat of the Month.

The solution was simple. Provide UI areas in the Dashboard that matched their exact requirements this included, two areas to maintain the Catalogue and Dogalogue, another to allow admin to pick from either to facilitate Dog/Cat of the Month. Finally remove the Events calendar plugin and replace it with their own, streamlined lightweight version again only providing them with fields to match their requirements.

The website now has just five well supported plugin including WooCommerce to handle Donations and Formidable Forms to handle online applications a huge beneifit to the charity during Covid-19.

Dynamic Dogalogue

Custom Dogs Home Plugin

Admin Dogalogue Area

Custom Cats Home Plugin

Catalogue Admin Area

Custom WordPress Cats Home Plugin
Custom Dogs Home Plugin
Custom Cats Home Plugin


I added Social Sharing to help promote each animal, letting the user ‘1-click’ share to twitter or Facebook helps promote the animals. I also introduced Formidable Forms, a brilliant plugin to put applications for dogs & cats online, a huge beneifit to the charity during the covid-19.

Custom Dog & Cats Home Plugin

If you’re a charity and think you could make use of the custom dog & cats home plugin to help maintain and promote your animals that need to find a forever home please get in touch. I’d be happy to customise it to suit your needs.